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I wonder where heand his crowd are going

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Bless my very existence!" cried the eccentric man. "I was beginningto fear something had happened to you. I am glad that you are allright. I heard voices, and I imagined--" "It's all right," Mr. Swift reassured him. "There was a strangerabout my shop, and I never allow that. Do you feel well enough togo? If not we shall be glad to have you remain with us. We haveplenty of room." "Oh, thank you very much, but I must be going. I feel much better.Bless my gaiters, but I never will trust myself in even anautomobile again! I will renounce gasolene from now on." "That reminds me," spoke Tom. "I have the money for the motor-cycle,"and he drew out the bills. "You are sure you will not regret yourbargain, Mr. Damon? The machine is new, and needs only slightrepairs. Fifty dollars is--" "Tut, tut, young man! I feel as if I was getting the best of you.Bless my handkerchief! I hope you have no bad luck with it." "I'll try and be careful," promised Tom with a smile as he handedover the money. "I am going to gear it differently and put someimprovements on it. Then I will use it instead of my bicycle." "It would have to be very much improved before I trusted myself onit again," declared Mr. Damon. "Well, I appreciate what you havedone for me, and if at any time I can reciprocate the favor, I willonly be too glad to do so. Bless my soul, though, I hope I don'thave to rescue you from trying to climb a tree," and with a laugh,which showed that he had fully recovered from his mishap, he shookhands with father and son and left. "A very nice man, Tom," commented Mr. Swift. "Somewhat odd and outof the ordinary, but a very fine character, for all that." "That's what I say," added the son. "Now, dad, you'll see mescooting around the country on a motor-cycle. I've always wantedone, and now I have a bargain." "Do you think you can repair it?" "Of course, dad. I've done more difficult things than that. I'mgoing to take it apart now, and see what it needs." "Before you do that, Tom, I wish you would take a telegram to townfor me. I must wire my lawyers at once." "Dad looks worried," thought Tom as he wheeled the broken motor-cycleinto a machine shop, where he did most of his work. "Well, I don'tblame him. But we'll get the best of those scoundrels yet!"

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According to the National Fire Protection Association (Nfpa.org), electrical cords and plugs are responsible for the most civilian deaths related to electrical accidents each year. Yet these are among the easiest hazards to avoid: Never use a cord or plug that shows evidence of burning, melting, or any other visible damage. If the insulation is damaged or missing, or the cord has come loose from the plug, replace the whole thing; never use a cord repaired with electrical tape. Extension cords (including power strips and surge protectors) are the biggest offenders in the cord category. Don’t use extension cords for permanent hookups or conceal them in any way (especially under carpeting). Don’t expose them to water or possible damage. Always use the right cord for the job; for example, use a three-prong grounded cord for all appliances and tools that require grounding. Also, make sure the cord’s capacity well exceeds the demand of what’s plugged into it; heavier-gauge cords can handle more current than lighter-gauge cords. Avoid using three-prong adapters to plug grounded cords into two-prong outlets (while theoretically possible, the chances of a true ground existing here are extremely slight). Fixtures and Appliances Misuse of lamps and light fixtures is another top cause of electrical accidents. As harmless as it seems, using a one-hundred-watt bulb in a sixty-watt fixture (for example) can melt the fixture wires, creating a shock and fire hazard. The same danger exists when plugging a cord into an adapter outlet that screws into a light bulb socket. As for appliances, don’t use any device that sparks, smokes, buzzes, emits a burning smell, or shows any cord damage. Unplug appliances before cleaning them. Never operate an appliance or any equipment while standing in water. House Wiring/Wiring Systems Fixed wiring is the second most common cause of electrical-related house fires. Potential problems with household wiring systems can range from overloaded circuits (and improperly rated or installed circuit breakers) to damaged wires to loose connections on switches, outlets, and other devices. Since most electrical wiring is behind the scenes—and beyond the realm of common knowledge—the best way to prevent a wiring-related electrical accident is to have your home inspected by a certified electrical inspector. This pro can look for all of the most common hazards and advise you about correcting problems and tell you how much the solutions might cost. Wet Areas GFCI (ground-fault circuit-interrupter) outlets are required in bathrooms, kitchens, garages, outdoors, and all other potentially wet areas in and around the home. If you don’t have these in your wet areas, have them installed as soon as possible (don’t worry, it doesn’t require rewiring). GFCIs protect against a variety of common electrical accidents, including shock or fire from an electrical current reaching water, faulty appliance, tool wiring, and other ground-fault hazards. With All Due Respect … As a general rule, the best approach to preventing electrical accidents is to treat this often underrated power source with respect. This means actually following the advice written in product manuals and on the little labels on cords, appliances, fixtures, and other devices. It also means purchasing and using only electrical products that are approved by an independent testing group, such as Underwriters Laboratories (UL) or ETL-SEMCO (ETL). Never modify or tamper with electrical equipment, and don’t be lazy about repairing or replacing any old, outdated, or damaged devices, including all those feeble extension cords you’ve been using for years (you’re pushing your luck with those). That's the way to do it! Whoop her up, Andy! Shove the spark leverover, and turn on more gasolene! We'll make a record this trip." Two lads in the tonneau of a touring car, that was whirling along acountry road, leaned forward to speak to the one at the steeringwheel. The latter was a red-haired youth, with somewhat squintyeyes, and not a very pleasant face, but his companions seemed toregard him with much favor. Perhaps it was because they were ridingin his automobile. "Whoop her up, Andy!" added the lad on the seat beside the driver."This is immense!" "I rather thought you'd like it," remarked Andy Foger, as he turnedthe car to avoid a stone in the road. "I'll make things hum aroundShopton!" "You have made them hum already, Andy," commented the lad besidehim. "My ears are ringing. Wow! There goes my cap!" As the boy spoke, the breeze, created by the speed at which the carwas traveling, lifted off his cap, and sent it whirling to the rear. Andy Foger turned for an instant's glance behind. Then he opened thethrottle still wider, and exclaimed: "Let it go, Sam. We can get another. I want to see what time I canmake to Mansburg! I want to break a record, if I can." "Look out, or you'll break something else!" cried a lad on the rearseat. "There's a fellow on a bicycle just ahead of us. Take care,Andy!" "Let him look out for himself," retorted Foger, as he bent lowerover the steering wheel, for the car was now going at a terrificrate. The youth on the bicycle was riding slowly along, and did notsee the approaching automobile until it was nearly upon him. Then,with a mean grin, Andy Foger pressed the rubber bulb of the hornwith sudden energy, sending out a series of alarming blasts. "It's Tom Swift!" cried Sam Snedecker. "Look out, or you'll run himdown!" "Let him keep out of my way," retorted Andy savagely. The youth on the wheel, with a sudden spurt of speed, tried to crossthe highway. He did manage to do it, but by such a narrow marginthat in very terror Andy Foger shut off the power, jammed down thebrakes and steered to one side. So suddenly was he obliged to swerveover that the ponderous machine skidded and went into the ditch atthe side of the road, where it brought up, tilting to one side. Tom Swift, his face rather pale from his narrow escape, leaped fromhis bicycle, and stood regarding the automobile. As for theoccupants of that machine, from Andy Foger, the owner, to the threecronies who were riding with him, they all looked very muchastonished. "Are we--is it damaged any, Andy?" asked Sam Snedecker. "I hope not," growled Andy. "If my car's hurt it's Tom Swift'sfault!" He leaped from his seat and made a hurried inspection of themachine. He found nothing the matter, though it was more from goodluck than good management. Then Andy turned and looked savagely atTom Swift. The latter, standing his wheel up against the fence,walked forward. "What do you mean by getting in the way like that?" demanded Andywith a scowl. "Don't you see that you nearly upset me?" "Well, I like your nerve, Andy Foger!" cried Tom. "What do you meanby nearly running me down? Why didn't you sound your horn? Youautomobilists take too much for granted! You were going faster thanthe legal rate, anyhow!" "I was, eh?" sneered Andy. "Yes, you were, and you know it. I'm the one to make a kick, notyou. You came pretty near hitting me. Me getting in your way! Iguess I've got some rights on the road!" "Aw, go on!" growled Andy, for he could think of nothing else tosay. "Bicycles are a back number, anyhow." "It isn't so very long ago that you had one," retorted Tom. "Firstyou fellows know, you'll be pulled in for speeding." "I guess we had better go slower, Andy," advised Sam in a low voice."I don't want to be arrested." "Leave this to me," retorted Andy. "I'm running this tour. The nexttime you get in my way I'll run you down!" he threatened Tom. "Comeon, fellows, we're late now, and can't make a record run, all onaccount of him," and Andy got back into the car, followed by hiscronies, who had hurriedly alighted after their thrilling stop. "If you try anything like this again you'll wish you hadn't,"declared Tom, and he watched the automobile party ride off. "Oh, forget it!" snapped back Andy, and he laughed, his companionsjoining. Tom Swift said nothing in reply. Slowly he remounted his wheel androde off, but his thoughts toward Andy Foger were not very pleasantones. Andy was the son of a wealthy man of the town, and his goodfortune in the matter of money seemed to have spoiled him, for hewas a bully and a coward. Several times he and Tom Swift hadclashed, for Andy was overbearing. But this was the first time Andyhad shown such a vindictive spirit. "He thinks he can run over everything since he got his new auto,"commented Tom aloud as he rode on. "He'll have a smash-up some day,if he isn't careful. He's too fond of speeding. I wonder where heand his crowd are going?" Musing over his narrow escape Tom rode on, and was soon at his home,where he lived with his widowed father, Barton Swift, a wealthyinventor, and the latter's housekeeper, Mrs. Baggert. Approaching amachine shop, one of several built near his house by Mr. Swift, inwhich he conducted experiments and constructed apparatus. Tom wasmet by his parent. "What's the matter, Tom?" asked Mr. Swift. "You look as if somethinghad happened." "Something very nearly did," answered the youth, and related hisexperience on the road. "Humph," remarked the inventor; "your little pleasure-jaunt mighthave ended disastrously. I suppose Andy and his chums are off ontheir trip. I remember Mr. Foger speaking to me about it the otherday. He said Andy and some companions were going on a tour, to begone a week or more. Well, I'm glad it was no worse. But have youanything special to do, Tom?"


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Working a 9 to 5 job and then adding in the time to commute, plus having kids means very little time for parents to do much of anything, especially in households where both parents work or in single parent homes. That means very few homecooked meals ...

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He turned his flushed, streaming face full on me. Looking back into it was almost more than I could take, but I did take it; felt I had to take it. Who had gotten him telling the story about Lucy and Frank and the note on the refrigerator that night,...

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He having stood me in such excellent stead that afternoon, it was rather a pity that, come nightfall and my first really clandestine visit to Rennie, I was no longer prepared to be Joe Morgan or any other sort of dancer. I was never highly sexed. For...

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Miss Crawley had not long been established at the Hall before Rebecca’s fascinations had won the heart of that good-natured London rake, as they had of the country innocents whom we have been describing. Taking her accustomed drive, one day, sh...

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Very soon then after her arrival, Rebecca began to take a regular place in Mrs. Crawley’s bulletin from the Hall. It was to this effect: “The black porker’s killed—weighed x stone—salted the sides—pig’s puddi...


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